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The Final Storm Ending

Winraven Amberglade
Hi! I just finished reading the whole Door Within trilogy, and at first, I thought Rise of the Wyrm Lord was my favorite for obvious reasons.  I loved all the character relationships in that one. :)  But now, after finishing The Final Storm a couple nights ago (yes, I literally stayed up at night while everyone else was sleeping, just to finish it)  I may be leaning toward this one as my favorite.

It was such a peaceful closing to this awesome trilogy.  The very ending didn't really leave me feeling sad.  It felt complete and ended on a happy note of more adventures to come.  Okay, my favorite scenes in Final Storm were when The Three Witnesses were finally announced, when Naysmithe unveiled and threw the Seven Swords, and the final battle.  When Kaliam shouted out to all of Alleble the names of The Three Witnesses, I felt myself shouting along with him and cheering when the Three got their powers.  I felt like I was actually in The Realm. :D
I just really love when Naysmithe gave all the Seven Swords to their owners because it was such a climatic part in the book.  He just threw them out the window and called out their names and it was AWESOME. :D  By the way, I love all the names of the swords, especially The Three Witnesses' swords and King Eliam's.  It suited their owners so perfectly.  And when everyone charged into battle with the past warriors who had died too, that was truly amazing.  I hadn't realized how much I missed Captain Valithor's yelling! :D  And that part when they come in contact with Rucifel, and Robby denies him was a redemption part for Robby. :)
I can't say enough about the ending, haha! But I admit I got pretty emotional when the Three Witnesses denied Paragor, and the very ending when Aidan is leaving his parents and they are going to the Sacred Realm Beyond the Sun.  Mr. Batson, I can say that you have genuinely made me even more excited for Heaven. :)  I can't wait until God calls me home now. :)

Awesome job on the whole series, especially the last book, and thank you so much for everything you do for readers like me, Mr. Batson! :D

Never alone!